EV Charging Stations

We are committed to creating environmentally conscious communities, where charging accessibility is not a luxury.
It is our purpose.

In the United States last year over One Million Electric Vehicles were sold.  Many manufacturers including Tesla, Chevy, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Cadillac, BMW and more are moving into this space, at a record pace.

By placing these units into service at your business, you will be appearing on EV Driver’s apps and networks.  People will stay with you, dine with you, shop with you and ultimately spend money with you, by offering this option to your customers.

Types of sites to have EV Charging Solutions

Public Parking Lot: a parking lot with at least 10 parking spaces that is open to the general public at least 12 hours per day, at least five days per week.  Examples: municipal or privately operated parking lots or garages, parking at retail locations, restaurants, parks, transit stations, schools, destination locations, hotels/motels.

Workplace: a parking lot with at least ten parking spaces that primarily serves employees who work at or near the lot.  Workplace sites must have a minimum of 15 employees regularly working at the site.  Examples: office buildings, universities, schools and hospitals.

Multi-unit Dwelling: A multi-unit dwelling site is a parking facility with at least eight parking spaces that primarily serves multi-unit dwelling with five or more housing units.