New York State

Commercial Solar Incentives

New York State Commercial Solar Incentives are available through NYSERDA’s NY-Sun Solar Initiative

NY has an array of solar incentives available to business owners looking to go solar. New York is striving to reach aggressive renewable energy goals through their Clean Energy Standard.
The goal is to derive 50% of the energy consumed by the state from renewable resources and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.

NY-Sun MW Block Incentive:
NY-Sun created the MW block incentive system to help reduce the cost of solar installations. Through this program , the state is broken into three regions:
* The Con Edison Region (NYC and Westchester County)
* Long Island Region, and
* Upstate Region (remainder of the state)
Each region was given a capacity allocation that was broken into “blocks”, with each block having a different cap for the amount of watts that can be installed. The incentive amount decreases as you move from block to block.